Welcome to Naked Speed

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality, distinctive designs and the unique sound of exclusive motorcycles all over the world.


Naked Speed Motorcycles

Motorcycles are the pure DNA of our company, and we always look to exceed our clients expectations and requirements at all times, via fully understanding your specific needs. Naked Speed offer an exclusive / personal & confidential service based around our core values of quality, integrity and trust.

Each motorcycle designed and built by Naked Speed is individual, there will never be two the same so if it’s something individual you are looking for, then look no further.

Bespoke Customisation & Restoration

Perhaps you already have a motorcycle and would like yours customised, or simply restored? We can build a motorcycle to your requirements, sometimes restoration is all that’s needed. Give us a call or drop us an email and we can discuss your requirements in further detail. You decide..

Have you ever wanted a custom bike but not had the time or space to build one? Want something a little special? Why not think about tell us what you want, you decide on as much as you like, we’ll build it for you!


Contact us for more information.

BMW R80 (Amducious), as seen in the Bike Shed, Tobacco Dock Show 2016

Honda CB250 Super Dream Brat

Coming soon….

BMW Cafe Racer

Honda CB250RS Cafe Racer