About Naked Speed

About us

Motorcycles are the pure DNA of our company, and we always look to exceed our clients expectations and requirements at all times, via fully understanding your specific needs. Naked Speed offer an exclusive / personal & confidential service based around our core values of quality, integrity and trust.

Naked Speed Motorcycles

Each motorcycle designed and built by Naked Speed will be one of a kind, why would you want something the same as others. There will never be two the same so if it’s something individual you are looking for, then look no further.

Bespoke Customisation & Restoration

Perhaps you already have a motorcycle and would like yours customised, or simply restored? We can build a motorcycle to your requirements, sometimes restoration is all that’s needed. Give us a call or drop us an email and we can discuss your requirements in further detail.

Mark Williams – Founder & Company Owner


I’m a serious petrol head and if anything, it’s an understatement, I eat, sleep and dream everything mechanical, it’s in my blood. From a young age I was placed on a little single gear motorbike and off I went, there was no going back, it was my passion from that moment forward.

On finishing school I signed up for a mechanical engineering course, I actually wanted to study architecture as I loved designing things, but due to finances was unable to pursue this 7 year course. On qualifying in mechanical engineering I was off to Spain, I couldn’t speak a word of Spanish but having been offered a job with one of Spain’s most respected experts in motorcycle racing, how could I say no!? Sign language was our only communication, but it’s surprising how quickly you learn a language when you need to eat…

Having started working for them based in Madrid, I settled in well (even though no-one could understand me), I soon moved to work in their racing team, their Superbike racing team! All my dreams had come true!!! I later moved to another team where I had the privilege of working with Juan Lopez Mella (RIP), racing the Honda RC30 in Superbikes, what a blast!

So here we are today, I wanted to not only design things, but build them and what better way than building custom motorcycles.