Honda Cafe Fighter

We this Honda CBR600 looking rather sad and decided to build something in between a Cafe Racer and a Street Fighter, I call it a Cafe Fighter…

The frame has been heavily modified by String of Raw Steel Choppers, I took the frame to him with a tall order, to firstly take the single sided swing-arm from an NC24, then to take the shock-absorber but attempting to keep the rear end minimal. You can see this has been successful and especially with the Cafe Racer single seat and the fuel tank mods. The front suspension is from a Ducati using fabricated yokes and wheel spindle. The brakes are standard from both the CBR600 and the NC35 on the rear.

There is a dry cell battery fitted and hidden in the seat hump, no visible speedo, this will be a removable GPS display, no ignition or even keys, full remote start which is combined as an alarm system. The paintwork is show quality provided by FD Motorcycles, Dunmow, there are many more modifications far far too many to list.

The bike is now very nearly finished and will be available for sale, all we would ask is that you allow us to show the bike in the 2017 Bike Shed event. If you like this bike and would like to know more about it, please drop us a line and we would be only to happy to tell you more about it.